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  • SDL Clipboard Translator is a tool which instantly translates text from the most popular document formats.

  • You simply 'copy' the text you want to translate, press translate, and 'paste' the content where you need it.

  • What you can do with Clipboard Translator

    • Copy text from one application, translate it and paste translated text into a document
    • Translate text from all popular document formats including doc, rtf, txt, html, pdf and more
    • Paste the translated text back into any* application which supports copying and pasting
    • Choose the languages you want to translate
    • Enhance the quality of translation with specialized dictionaries.


  • Translate up to 20,000 words at a time

  • Translates any text you can copy

  • Really simple interface

  • Very easy to use

  • Near instant translation

  • Less than $3.50 per month

Translation languages

  • English to French – French to English

  • English to Italian – Italian to English

  • English to German – German to English

  • English to Spanish – Spanish to English

  • English to Portugese – Portugese to English

  • English to Dutch – Dutch to English

  • English to Norwegian

Translate text from any program that allows you to 'copy text'

Supported applications including:
  • Microsoft Word (doc, rtf)

  • Microsoft Excel (xls, csv)

  • Microsoft Outlook

  • Microsoft Powerpoint (ppt, pps)

  • Notepad (txt)

  • Dreamweaver (html, asp, xml)

  • Microsoft Works

  • Microsoft Office applications

  • Internet Explorer (html)

  • Firefox (html)

If you can copy and paste it, you can translate it!

Text translation in 3 simple steps!

  1. Copy the text

  2. Press Translate

  3. Paste the text